Return Policy


If during the 30 days after your purchase you are not completely satisfied with any of our tools, simply click on the “Return Product” button at the bottom of this page. There, you’ll be guided through the process of shipping the tool back for a full refund. You will only be responsible for the cost of shipping. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.


With our tools, manufacturing defect refers to the welds that hold the tool’s parts together. If any of the tool’s welds break during the 6 months following your purchase, we will replace it with one of comparable size and value. To claim your replacement, simply click on the “Return Product” button below and you will be given step-by-step instructions for returning the tool(s) for replacement. Please read the FAQ section below for more information.


Why don’t you guarantee anything besides the welds?

Our tools have a unique design that uses the optimal mix of attributes to maximize its effectiveness and improve the user’s experience. With that mind, certain things must be sacrificed to find the right balance. For example, if the handles were made shorter or with heavier steel, they’d be less likely to bend. However, the user would not enjoy as much leverage with a shorter handle and heavier steel would make it too hard to wield and maneuver. We’ve found our handles’ strength to be adequate in 99% of the applications they’re used and designed for, but common sense should be used to “feel” when the handle is flexing to its limits to avoid damage from bending. The same is true when applying leveraged force to the tines as well.

To draw a comparison, automakers could make a car that would withstand nearly any impact with little or no damage to it or the passengers inside. However, the car would be several times the normal cost, heavy as an army tank, and get 6 miles per gallon of gas. We’ve done our best to strike the right balance, but, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that the handles or tines will not bend due to the extensive amount of leverage provided.