The Story of the Demo Fork

Watch Video: The story of the HONEY BADGER® demo fork, as submitted to the Chipstarter contest. (We won!)

The HONEY BADGER demo fork is the most versatile demo tool of its kind and is based on a tool my dad made 25 years ago. After using it as a teenager and then again to demo our own fixer-upper farmhouse, I was convinced the tool had potential. After 2 years of hard work and learning, the first commercial demo forks were produced and for sale online. It’s been a long journey, but now with patent pending, over 100 Amazon reviews, and a 5-star rating, our dream of making the demo fork the go-to tool for every demo day is becoming a reality. 

The beginning

My dad made the original demo fork out of scrap steel and railroad spikes. He called it the Chickifoot. Funny name, but this big fella completed many jobs and saved hundreds of man hours doing wrecking and demo. It may not be pretty, but it quickly became one of the most valuable tools on the jobsite.

After I graduated from college and got married, we had a home-improvement project of our own to work on which required fully gutting the interior. I had helped dad many times using the Chickifoot but had never really thought about how well it worked. Once we started our project, I was amazed at how much I used it compared to all the other conventional tools.

“After all this time, if this is still the best demo tool around, why don’t we bring it to market?” That’s what I asked my dad as I thought about its potential. I was convinced that this tool would be helpful to other DIYers and contractors, even though Dad had his doubts.

I had to give it a go. I learned a lot about inventions, patents, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. And after lots of designing and testing, the first two models of demo forks were available to sell online.

And of course, I had to give it a tougher name.

The original "Chickifoot"
The HONEY BADGER® demo fork

The now

Within the first year, all the efforts to make the tool a reality paid off, and I made back all the money I had invested in creating the product. Not only were people actually buying them, they loved the HONEY BADGER! Positive reviews started flooding in.

HONEY BADGER demo forks can be seen on many episodes of the HGTV home improvement show Good Bones. I sent some to their crew and quickly heard back from Tad, their demo crew leader, about how the HONEY BADGER had quickly become his favorite demo tool. Not bad for a tool made from scrap steel in the shop of a small town contractor in Kansas.

The HONEY BADGER demo fork is now available online at Amazon and Home Depot, and will soon be available in hardware stores throughout the United States. 

Happy #DemoDay,
Corey Kostman
Troy, KS

HONEY BADGER demo forks are proudly made in the U.S.A. !