Tips Care

Usage Tips

Momentum + Weight = Work Done

On tougher applications, don’t be lazy, put your back into it! A common mistake is operating our tools at half speed and strength in an attempt to conserve energy. In the long run, it actually costs you energy because you don’t maximize the capabilities of the tool. So you still end up worn out, but without making progress. It’s much more fun to be worn out with the reward of seeing how much you’ve accomplished.
Leverage is your friend . . . but be smart

As we’ve noted in our Return Policy, we can only provide a replacement guarantee on the welds. This is because we wanted to provide the user a long handle with a ton of leverage, but at the same time make the tool light enough to be maneuvered. Even someone with medium build and strength may be able to bend the handle, so use some common sense to get a feel when you’ve reached the limits of the handle and tines. If the object isn’t moving with you bearing down and flexing the handle, you probably should use another means in that instance.

Care and maintenance

Nothing too complicated here. The tool itself will get abused . . . that’s just part of its job description. But one important tip will save you some time and strain. As you use the tools, the sharpened tines will dull and ding due to contact with nails, screws, and other hard surfaces.

To keep the tool at peak performance, use a bench or handheld grinder to dress the tines down to a sharp point. It will only take you about 2 minutes on average. This will allow the leading edge to penetrate easier and save you time and energy.